South County Coastkeeper

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The Watchdog of the South Coast

The South County Coastkeeper program serves as Save The Bay's "eyes and ears" in the Little Narragansett Bay watershed, the south coast of Rhode Island, and the southeast coast of Connecticut.  The Coastkeeper identifies and responds to environmental threats by keeping in close contact with members of the community and with environmental agencies.

Meet the Coastkeeper

David Prescott is our South County Coastkeeper, a role that provides a visible on-the-water presence and works in the community to protect, restore, and promote stewardship of the unique and magnificent waterways of Little Narragansett Bay, the Pawcatuck River, and the South Coast. 

Dave conducts water quality monitoring, mobilizes community action on stormwater and wastewater pollution, investigates and responds to pollution incidents, and advocates for public access to the shore. He is a proponent for new strategies for communities that are dealing with climate change impacts.

About the Coastkeeper program

The Coastkeeper program is based at Save The Bay's South Coast Center in Westerly, RI.  Save The Bay launched the South County Coastkeeper program in 2007. Both the Coastkeeper program and the South Coast Center are made possible by the generous support of the Forrest and Frances Lattner Foundation. 

The South Coast Center is located right on the Pawcatuck River. The space provides meeting space for advocacy, restoration, and environmental education programs that serve the South County and Coastal Ponds region from Narragansett to the Connecticut border. 


Like the Narragansett Baykeeper, the South County Coastkeeper is affiliated with the Waterkeeper Alliance, which now has more than 175 programs worldwide. They are both part of network of specialists with a passion for defending the environment and a devotion to working in their communities.